Complete fleet management solution, developed with the latest tehnologies.

Nowadays economy and the very busy commercial context force the companies to continuous research and innovation. Tracknamic transforms a business solution in a competitive advantage by raising the standard for the entire segment.

Increase of productivity

The efficient planning and using of time and resources by process automation.

Increase of profitability

The decrease of the operation costs, execution time and the possibility to increase selling.

Financial efficiency

The capacity to forecast the cash flow demand to maintain the activities of the fleet.


Real time monitoring of each component of the fleet, defining geo-spatial restrictions and automatically generating of alerts regarding the nonconforming use of the fleet.

Better services

Proper estimation of the necessary time to unfold the activities of the fleet and the possibility of real time monitoring by the operators or clients.

Competitive advantage

The use of a technology adapted to the business needs and the perfect coordination of the resources by means of a complex business system.

Nowadays economy and the very busy commercial context force the companies to continuous research and innovation

What makes us
more powerful?

Automation of the used processes

The used processes are realized by the system by means of automated processes like: sending planned alerts, different reports or other documents necessary for the fleet management.

Simple and efficient to use

The minimalist design exposes to the user only the functions that he needs. The design is based on the three-click rule.

The control and forecast of the processes and necessary resources

The high computing power and the advanced instruments of analysis and forecast allow an efficient management of the resources and processes associated with a vehicle fleet, by using prediction to determine the optimal process of the operations.

Real time information access

Due to the very high performance of the Elestic Search database, optimized for IoT devices, Geospatial and Big Data, the system is able to deliver complex BI reports in real time.

The security of the Information

Guaranteed security, audited by our security expert, by using custom made IoT equipment for direct and secure connection to our servers.

The flexibility and adaptability of the solution

Tracknamic is a solution entirely in-memory developed both from the software point of view and from the point of view of the equipment use, thus allowing the customising of the existing functionalities or the development of some new ones, so that the solution perfectly corresponds to the specific needs of the clients.