As the price of the fuels is constantly rising, the fleet monitoring is of major importance for the productivity and growth of companies. Because we are interested in and directly involved in vehicle monitoring, Tracknamic offers the complete fleet management solution, increased productivity and fuel economy, comprehensive reports and a better overall understanding of how your company operates logistically. […]

GPS monitoring has many advantages, so you can have acces to information such as: the distance traveled by the car, the average speed, the start time and the stop time of the vehicle. The way you can access this information is extremely easy, more precisely, viewing the information can be accessed with your mobile phone or tablet. […]

In this highly competitive field of the market, where the price of fuel is constantly rising, diagnosing the car fleet with the help of the Tracknamic device is the solution to many of the administrative problems you may encounter in the proper management of resources. […]

The advantages of IT products have become an important factor of change in the field of transport. Top fleet management companies are getting efficient, increase productivity, flexibility and reduce costs mainly through digitalization. Complex integrations, transparency and process automation have proven effects. Managing car fleets implies less effort, having no deviation from the set standards. […]