The digital tachograph and The Tracknamic solution

What is a tachograph?

The tachograph, nicknamed the “black box” of the vehicles, is the most efficient device that can provide “evidences” in case of road accidents. This is a device that facilitates control of the vehicle and the driver’s mode of operation. The digital tachograph is an indispensable equipment for commercial fleets, which displays, records, stores information about vehicle transit and driver’s activities.

According to EU regulations, it’s mandatory to use the tachograph for new vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tons, in the case of freight transport companies, or new vehicles transporting more than nine people, including the driver, when talking about passenger transport.

With the help of the tachograph, car fleet managers ensure that mandatory breaks for drivers are respected and have a guarantee of road safety. Tachographs are connected to the gearbox, and with the help of sensors, they record the speed of the car.

According to the new EU regulations, in Romania, all the transport companies with vehicles registered after January 1, 2007 are obliged to use the digital tachograph.

SMART tachograph equipment has become mandatory for all new vehicles registered after June 15, 2019. As for the new regulatory plans, from February 2022, the transport companies will be required to enter the country’s symbols when crossing borders.

Tracknamic & Tacho

The Tracknamic solution will facilitate the work of dispatchers, thank to the calculations provided, based on the information automatically downloaded from the tachograph. Thus, timekeeping reports, amplitude times, recoveries will be revealed.

Furthermore, information about drivers will be provided after the first download of the driver card.

Advantages of using the tachograph in tandem with the Tracknamic platform

  • You have the possibility of analysis, tracking and intervention during the activities of the car fleet you manage;
  • You can have access to data such as: vehicle registration number, speed, distance traveled, driver data, etc;
  • You’ll be able to accurately calculate the costs for the countries you cross;
  • You’ll have an overview of driving, rest of remaining time until the next driver’s break;
  • You can access reports for each vehicle and intervene in the event of road accidents or violations of the law.

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